Expat Birth Specialists

Expat Birth Specialists

Self Learning

Having a baby or preparing for your baby in a foreign country has many challenges.  The Self Learning Pack is an easy way to prepare and there is plenty of support for you on your self learning journey. Self Learning is a great way to prepare.


Self Learning Pack Sale  $49.95  now only $19.95


The NobleBirth Self Learning Pack includes:

  • A Place in Nature  Hypnobirthing Digital  Recording ( RRP. 12.99)
  • The Fear Release for Pregnancy, Labour and Birth Digital Recording ( RRP $15.99)
  • The NobleBirth Digital Manual,  (RRP $15.00)
  • *email support
  • Video  tutorial links for the breathing and relaxation skills

*We provide  personal email replies to any preparation based  questions and will give you links for video tutorials to accompany your self learning.

It is recommended to begin your Self Learning at around 28-33 weeks in your pregnancy.

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  Here’s what you learn:

  • Understanding anxiety and fear
  • How to work with pain
  • Breathing techniques
  • Skills for relaxation and visualisation
  • How labour progresses
  • Hands on tools for partners
  • Better positions to use in labour and birth
  • Confident, effective communication
  • Minimising intervention
  • Maximising bonding



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