Expatriate Birth Preparation

Expatriate Birth Preparation


“NobleBirth came strongly recommended by my obstetrician who had many women under his care attend courses with great success. I am also a doctor and was very curious to explore different options for labour and delivery. I found the frame work that Hypno-birthing taught me to deal with labour invaluable. I was induced early for medical reasons and despite this, proceeded to have a drug free, normal delivery using a combination of a TENS machine and Hypnobirthing strategies. I would definitely recommend a course for motivated, interested couples willing to work towards a positive birthing experience. Good luck!”– Amy 2008


Noble birth offers

  • Face to Face classes in Melbourne and Dubai  (1 x 3hours or 2 x 3 hours)
  • Skype classes anywhere in the world  ( 3 x 90 min)
  • Face to face classes anywhere in the world  ( conditions apply)
  • Self learning

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