Private Classes

NobleBirth offers

  • Face to Face classes in Porto  (1 x 3hours or 2 x 3 hours)
  • Skype classes anywhere in the world  ( 3 x 90 min)
  • Self learning

Classes are delivered in the privacy of your own home and are tailored to meet your birth goals. Class materials are included in your tuition fee and provided in digital format.
We offer 3 types of classes. All include hypnobirthing techniques.

Birth Preparation Class      

A progressive class given in 1 x 3hour session. This is a skill based class for breathing techniques, relaxation techniques, labour progression, how the uterus works in labour and positions to encourage labour progression.

Andy Private 3 hr

Hypnobirthing Course

2 x 3 hr sessions that incorporate practical birth skills with hypnotic scripts, birth DVD’s, exercises and more practise of techniques.

Skype Class

Individual 90 minute classes to cover the skills you wish to learn.
A very popular method for Expatriate families.