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Andy Mayer – NobleBirth Educator

NobleBirth is the Expatriate Birth Education provider of choice for many families around the world.

NobleBirth was founded by Andy Mayer in 2008. With a great understanding of birth preparation Andy has been able to provide consulting services to parents and to hospitals using the principals of Hypnobirthing.

Andy headed up the team who implemented the Maternal Health Training Project in Mongolia, which trained over 100 midwives and health care workers to take birth classes . She  took the first birth class ever in the largest maternity  hospital in Ulanbaatar. She also trained and employed 8 NobleBirth educators in Melbourne.

Andy believes she has the best job in the world! She has great respect for pregnant families and enjoys being able to reduce tension expectant parents may be experiencing. She teaches with passion and anecdotally from her positive experiences. Andy offers private consultations in Porto, Portugal. She has lived in Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Iraq,  The UAE and Nigeria collecting birth experiences along the way.
She has assisted mothers and their birth partners in France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Philippines, Australia, India and  Mongolia  so has a well rounded experience working in foreign countries. She received a Paul Harris Fellowship for her work.





“Working in an environment where there is an escalation in obstetric intervention including the use of epidurals and caesarian sections I have been very pleased to be able to see my patients undertake their births with significantly improved pain control and with less need for intervention at the end of delivery. Maternal and foetal outcomes are improved as a consequence and this is in no doubt due to the benefits gained from this  preparation I cannot more strongly  recommend this process and have been delighted with the way this is conducted through the NobleBirth program”

– Dr Peter Jurcevic, Obstetrician and Maternal foetal medicine specialist


“I feel that I have come away feeling more confident about what’s in store and I know I will be fine”

– Sophie Sagwan


“From feeling overwhelmed and underprepared to now being confident, relaxed and excited at our coming journey”

– Victoria Fischer