Vaginal Birth Preparation

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Prepare and be Proactive for your Vaginal Birth  by Andy Mayer

If your health provider has given you the “green light” to birth vaginally then now is  a good time to start preparing.Obstetrician, Dr Peter Jurcevic, told us  that 75% of births have no complications, so we believe it is unnecessary to learn about all the obstetric procedures in detail. If complications arise in birth, they will be managed by your health care team. We will cover some obstacles to normal vaginal delivery in a later chapter.You can assist in minimising complications by maximising the following

Good Medical Care
This is not limited to “the best” doctor or midwife money can buy. This is about choosing caregivers that support and encourage you to realise your goals within the limits of their training. This includes allied health professionals and alternative therapists.If your goal is to have a vaginal delivery, engaging in a doctor who does 70% planned c sections or does 80% emergency c sections perhaps is not good for the care you are looking for. Feeling listened to and receiving solutions to doubts fears or concerns is paramount to good care. Medically trained professionals will engage their skills to save the life of you and your baby in the event of an emergency. It is almost impossible to conclude if one Dr’s training is better unless you researched them individually. However, understanding how they perform procedures and under what circumstances is an indication of “goodness”
Health and Nutrition
Mental physical and spiritual health is embraced in positive preparation. Eating nutritious foods, minimising junk food, avoiding alcohol,smoking, and not gaining too much weight over the recommended gain are obvious benefits for growing a healthy baby and maintaining good health. However, exercising daily even just walking or swimming still have many benefits as does enjoying positive mental health that comes from working , resting, socialising, removing yourself from negative people or harmful situations. Listening to relaxation and preparation audio-tracks is also part of mental health and wellbeing.
We can look at physical support here. Is your mattress supportive for your changing body? Is the couch or chair you regularly sit in supportive to your new shape? We can look at it from an emotional perspective.Does your care provider listen to your goals and agree they are realistic? Does your partner in life or in birth support your goals and understand how they will assist you to achieve them?
Things change in life , including our minds. If your main goal is a healthy baby and you have done your best to grow a healthy baby you have done your job well. Circumstances may arise that impact the day or change the date your baby is due . It can be a physiological, pathological or psychological or can be simply your partner may not be able to commit to being present around the weeks to your due date. Taking each month or week as it comes and taking responsibility for the things you can, is the best way to maintain flexibility in your plans for birth. Your birth plan is a road map and there are many routes to take to achieve your goals.
This book focusses on birth not parenting. This book is a birth preparation book that focuses on skills for progressing labour. It allows you to take responsibility in managing your birth experience and how to engage the people around you that you trust to achieve your goal of a healthy baby and a great experience to look back on.
Key Learnings for Birth Preparation
• relaxation techniques
• massage techniques
• understanding the signs and stages of labour
• knowing how to engage your care providers
• engaging your birth partner and support
• hormone release is influenced by how we think and feel
• birth language
• understanding how different management of labour can create different outcomes

• labour positions

• birth plan

• obstetric management and effect of medication
***A hospital tour is also a learning experience and is recommended if offered to you.

The content within is copyright NobleBirth Pty. Ltd. Information provided is not to replace professional medical advice. Please consult your health care provider with any concerns.

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