Best Childbirth Birth Education Qualities; Nurse or Educator

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A discussion today was had between myself and a mother to be who suggested she would like to do what I do as a career after she has her baby. She said it would be easy as you don’t need any qualifications. I was taken back as I found my years as a natural health practitoner in pre and post natal work plus my education in hypnotherapy, training and assessment plus numerous ante natal educator courses meant I saw myself as qualified. Maybe I am totally wrong. I would like to investigate the information that is important to parents to be in a class setting and also what qualifications parents expect their educators to hold. To me teaching breathing, relaxation techniques and labour progression are paramount. I am keen to know what is most important to the ones that matter… parents to be..
Could it be drugs? Could it be when to go to hospital? Could it be breathing?
Do parents believe education for birth preparation should be provided by a midwife or a nurse or is a specialised educator who does not work in a hospital better suited?

I have been asked recently by two  psychologists, both of whom are mothers, if they can train to be a NobleBirth childbirth educator. I see their experience of birth, the fact they undertook a class with me previously and their qualifications to be excellent criteria to teach.

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