5 Goals for a Successful Birth Plan

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5 Goals for a Successful Birth Plan

by Andy Mayer

Are you stuck writing a plan or wondering if you should do it or not? Have you heard these comments before?

 “Why bother it will all go out the window on the day”

“What is the point, things go wrong and  you can’t stop them happening”

“The professionals don’t care they will do whatever they want anyway”

“Just wing it”

Birth plans cause so much consternation for new parents. The main reasons are usually

  • they don’t actually know what they want
  • feel a plan might challenge their caregivers
  • have no idea how to write one
  • have been told it is a waste of time
  • they are scared of birth and afraid to take responsibility

Like anything in life, if you know where you want to go or what you want to achieve a list or a plan can help you get there and keep on track. Not clarifying goals often leads to doubts and questions and focussing on the negatives that hold you back.It can also lead to disappointment because your needs were not voiced.Let’s say you really want your partner to “cut the cord”  if you didn’t write it in a plan there is a possibility

  1. your care giver doesn’t allow for it and you won’t know or get to negotiate
  2. your caregiver doesn’t ask and cuts it before you have the chance
  3. you forget to ask

There are many examples I can provide to avoid disappointment but ultimately you can start right now listing the things that are important to you to get started.

KISS- Keep It Simple and Straightforward..

draw 4 columns on a piece of paper  and 5 Rows.

Column 1 is –  5 things you want for birth

Column 2 is –  the actions you can take yo make it happen

Column 3 is –  5 things you Do Not want for birth

Column 4 is –  the actions you can take to prevent these things in column 3


WANT        list 5 things

Action DO NOT WANT  list 5 things


be calm practise breathing exercises,attend specialised classes to learn skills,read books on remaining calm  episiotomy use a training device, massage, ask caregiver, learn positions for birth
bond with baby immediately aim for a drug free birthadvise the hospitalremain together for the first 2 hrs after birth be induced learn about other methods, speak to caregiver, understand induction
drug free  c section  find out if I need one, learn how to progress labour
 partner assistance  pain
 healthy baby  exercise, eat well, learn relaxation skills  bossy staff

This goal setting exercise will enable you to write a one page basic birth plan.

A birth plan is NOT set in stone, it is set in sand and is flexible and can change as needed . It is a guide for you to be able to negotiate your needs and understand your care givers methods. It can provide you with  peace of mind that you are setting yourself up  towards your baby’s birth

Now you can write the things you want into a birth plan and discuss this with your caregivers. It is a win win situation for all of you.

What would the world become if no body planned because they thought it was not worth it? Go on put a little bit of effort into planning your baby’s birth and notice how much satisfaction comes from it.

My year 12 English teacher told me NEVER ASSUME always back it up! So go ahead and start planning.  Could be the best 5 minutes you spend all year.

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