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Working with parents to be since 2008!  It has been a delight to have met so many motivated women and men who just wish to be prepared and confident, as best they can be for labour and the birth of their baby.

“Working in an environment where there is an escalation in obstetric intervention including the use of epidurals and caesarian sections I have been very pleased to be able to see my patients undertake their births with significantly improved pain control and with less need for intervention at the end of delivery. Maternal and foetal outcomes are improved as a consequence and this is in no doubt due to the benefits gained from this  preparation I cannot more strongly  recommend this process and have been delighted with the way this is conducted through the NobleBirth program”

– Dr Peter Jurcevic, Obstetrician and Maternal foetal medicine specialist

NobleBirth is an extremely rewarding course that provides a solid, positive and safe foundation to childbirth preparation

– Nicky Talacko, London UK

A supportive environment for sharing of information & learning new skills, an excellent and enjoyable way for both partners to prepare for birth

– Marlo Clements ,  Australia

I would highly recommend this class and NobleBirth…. you walk away with a new sense of confidence and enthusiasm for the big day

– Sandy Abram, Australia

We came not knowing what to expect but left full of tools and knowledge and an eager anticipation to meet our baby – thank you

– Amelia Collins 

This course prepared us (much more than we perhaps expected) for taking control of the birthing experience

– Tom and Becky

Excellent program for both mothers and fathers

– Lisa and Dean Van Campfort

Every expecting couple should do this course

– Amelia, Sydney, Australia

An extraordinary experience and I will do it again for my 2nd baby Insha’Allah. It has been so informative and reassuring and I was happy I was doing my best to have an excellent experience

– Razan Kaaki, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

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