Expatriate Birth Preparation

Expatriate Birth Preparation


We are  2 dedicated women ready to assist you.


Andy Mayer

“Andy is a most experienced Childbirth Educator and offers a NobleBirth course that is positive and responsible”
She specialisies in working with Cross Cultural parents, Muslim parents, mothers without a birth partner for labour and expatriates.

p. +9 71 (0) 56 321 0247

Andy believes she has the best job in the world! She has great respect for pregnant families and enjoys being able to reduce tension expectant parents may be experiencing. She teaches with passion and anecdotally from her positive experiences. Andy offers private consultations and  currently lives in Dubai, UAE, and has lived in Saudi Arabia ,Mongolia and Kurdistan Iraq.
She has assisted mothers and their birth partners in France, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Philippines, Australia, India and  Mongolia  so has a well rounded experience working in foreign countries. She instigated the Maternal Health Training Project receiving a Paul Harris Fellowship for her work.

Andy’s Birth Experience

In 2002 Andy experienced a great deal of intervention and a lot of fear during her labour with her beautiful 1st son Jack. The experience left her feeling dissatisfied about birth, she felt like she had failed in being able to bring him into the world without the epidural she wanted to avoid.

The medical intervention made her feel powerless when she “failed to progress” and she narrowly avoided an emergency caesarian. Andy found the whole experience really long, and ultimately she was left feeling very drugged and uncomfortable after the birth. Additionally, Andy was left without her baby for the first 2 days because of complications during the labour. That experience gave her determination for a better birth experience next time around. She was very fortunate to have her obstetrician, Dr Peter Jurcevic, when she became pregnant again.

In 2006 Andy gave birth to her 2nd child, Max. She used relaxation,active birth positions, medical care and her husbands encouragement through her labour and felt exhilarated and empowered by the birth experience. This birth was pain-free without the use of any drugs and she was able to deliver Max easily. It changed her view on birth entirely. It was experienced in a Private Hospital setting which is encouraging for women having their baby under the supervision of medical staff. Her birthing experience was life changing and her focus has shifted toward preparation for a positive birth experience and so she developed the benchmark NobleBirth Courses and Instant Downloads.

Nicole Pawley

Nicole is our Melbourne Based Educator.
Nicole is a Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine, a mother of 4 children and a fantastic educator. She found NobleBirth to be the best childbirth preparation course she had done to assist her to achieve her birth goals and work with her medical care providers. Nicole is the most talented educator, as she is able to integrate a passion for birth preparation in a comfortable and very well informed style. The feedback from parents is “Nicole knows her stuff” “we felt really satisfied with her classes” and “thanks Nicole for a brilliant course”

She brings a wealth of information to NobleBirth classes privately in Melbourne.

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